9/10-10/10 Camp Verde, AZ

9/24/10/1~week 3, part 2

There are so many things to see and do here, I decided to break these last two weeks in Camp Verde into several parts.

Another great find came from our friend Deb, V Bar V Heritage Center. I love all these interesting stories we are running into.

V Bar V has the largest display of well preserved petroglyph’s in the Verde valley.

Most of these images were pecked, scratched or ground onto the sandstone walls 800 years ago, between AD 1150 and 1400.

Many years prior this was a working cattle ranch before it was aquired in 1994 by the US Forest Service in a land exchange deal in order to preserve the rock art panels.

This is all that’s left standing of the ranch, the brand “V Bar V” lives on at the University of Arizona’s agricultural department.

We walked about a mile to the rock wall, the area where all the glyphs were.

There was a lot of moss in areas on the rock wall, from a distance I thought it looked like white flowers in the tree.

Such an amazing place…

This rock wedge is actually part of a sundial, there was another piece of rock above it but it had fallen recently.

The area has been fenced in now for further preservation. The rocks were crumbling in areas and in some areas it looked like slices of the rock were falling away over time… taking with it some of the glyphs.

So glad we came, it was a great experience.

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