9/10-10/10 Camp Verde, AZ

10/1-10/10~ 4th and last week at Krazy K campground — part 1

Finally we went for a bike ride! YES! We had to drive almost an hour to get there but we found one!

The Peavine Trail is a 11.9 mile out and back trail that was once a railroad route, in Prescott, AZ. The trail skirts Watson Lake and the Granite Dells. There’s a spur from this trail called Iron King Trail which is 14 miles out and back, we’ll save that one for another day.

If you look close at the train picture, you will see the above rock formation directly above the engine and cars, it doesn’t look like it has changed much in 100 years.

It was a great ride, a little narrow in places but with such amazing views! We stopped everytime we saw a bench for sitting, not because we were tired but because we just had to admire the view and take more pictures!

So many interesting rock formations, it was hard to watch the trail ahead so I didn’t fall on the mostly hard packed gravel. I wanted to see everything, everywhere and all at once, without falling off my bike! Gravel, packed or not, is not my friend!

Around each curve something new, that’s the best kind of ride!

We had the perfect day, the clouds kept things cool but there was still enough sun to keep us warm…

This is Watson Lake.

Or so we thought…

As we rode around the curve of the lake the views just kept getting better and better, all around us were granite dells. These formations were stunning in and of themselves.

What a great day for a ride! (and nobody fell) lol

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