9/10/10/10 Camp Verde, Az

10/1-10/10~ Week 4, part 2

We went to Flagstaff for the day via the road into Sedona, I just love that drive, we’ve taken it 3 times now, highway 179, through the Village of Oak Creek. We’ve always taken the same route back to the campground.

But today we were going to Flagstaff…it didn’t make sense to go back to 17 and on up to Flagstaff like we will go with the MH when we leave this area, so…

The road north out of Sedona becomes 89A and if you have a fear of heights and squiggly roads this one is not for you, or me, EVER!

Holy Cow!

It’s times like these that I am reminded of this quote by John Wayne “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”

Paul loves these kinds of roads, this was his day. The last curve brought us up into the sky, how much more gray can my hair get! Thank goodness there was a scenic pulloff, Paul was pointing and saying “look at that!” and I couldn’t even open my eyes!

These two pictures, taken from the scenic pulloff, are the view we saw from the road, we were so high up we couldn’t believe it!

That is a huge forest of pine trees across the ravine, they looked like tiny toy trees. The ravine was so deep we couldn’t see the bottom from the railings at the overlook.

We were on our way to the Lowell Observatory, one of Paul’s bucket lists.

It was a VERY informative 2 hour tour ending with us getting to use 4 different types of telescopes to look at the night sky. Each view was different but our favorite was Saturn, it seemed like we could reach out and touch it!

Flagstaff is a Dark Sky city, it made for an amazing view of the sky even without the telescopes!

Enlarge the photo above to read the information sign.

Of course we didn’t get pictures of what we saw through the telescopes, but above is a picture of the campus we walked and several displays.

It was a 2 mile walk to the different buildings. The sidewalks had special glow in the dark stones embedded in them, we tried for a picture but we couldn’t capture it, imagine a blue lit trail in the darkness, it was pretty cool!

This building from a distance looked like a cloud low in the trees but it was another building housing a telescope. The building was built before 1900 and inside we could see how the top dome of the building turns. There are tires that roll the top around on a circular track to allow the telescope to aim at different parts of the sky when a portion of the dome is opened. At the time it was built they used heavy metel wheels to move the dome around. As they aged they made a lot of noise and were difficult to move. When tires like we put on our vehicals today became available they replaced the metal wheels with rubber tires. I was so amazed by this structure.

Everyone has their own “bucket lists” this was a big one for Paul and he thought it was fantastic!

We went back to Cottonwood, Old town to be exact and walked around. Every Wednesday they have a Farmers Market, it wasn’t much of one but we enjoyed the live music as we walked around.

Here are some fun things we saw. We had lunch at Bings Burger Station, which was the gas station turned restaurant in the picture below. The food was great and so was the atmosphere!

We decided to take one more bike ride before we left the Verde Valley area. We went back to the Peavine trail and took the Iron King Trail spur. This was one of our longer rides but we took lots of breaks to look at all the unique rock formations and just enjoy the beautiful day.

It was such a beautiful day, there were a lot of people out walking and riding bikes on the trail.

We thought these old rusted railroad maintenance train cars added a bit of color and history to the trail.

What a special place…

It’s been fun Arizonia, we’ll see you again…on down the road.

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