Winslow, Az


So we made the long drive from Camp Verde to Winslow, Az, it was an hour and a half. lol

If you grew up in the 70’s you might know about a Eagles song that goes something like this I think . “Standing on the corner, in Winslow, Arizonia what a fine sight to see, a girl, my Lord, in flat bed Ford pulling up to take a look at me. Take it easy, take it eeeeaaaasssssy”.

And Winslows’ corner became famous and a must see for traveling tourists. The statue is of Glen Fry the singer of the song.

And of course this is part of Old Route 66.

We had decided to take Route 66/40 back to Georgia from Arizonia, it’s only part of the iconic highway that starts in Chicago and goes all the way to California.

I heard the cashier, as we were paying for a postcard, explaining it to someone and then she said, and the town just added the other guy later, we don’t know who he is.

I thought that was really funny and I also realized, maybe not everyone knows about “Standing on the corner”

It’s no secret we like small towns best, and Winslow is small.

I can’t tell you how delighted Paul was to find out that the “Sipp Shoppe” had chocolate Malts!

10/11~ Another Route 66 stop was the Meteor Crater (more bucket list for Paul). He remembers seeing in magazines all about it and wanting as a child to see it. So, here we are.

I thought it was very nicely done, with a Discovery Center and Museum. They also had a 4D Movie Theater. And a 80-seat widescreen theater showing “IMPACT, The Mystery of the Meteor Crater” I won’t tell you what the mystery is incase you decide to check it out someday.

We were up high on the walkway looking down at the Crater.

Later during the movie we learned that what we were looking at was a whole large enough to hold 20 football games played simultaneously on its floor, while more than 2 million people watched from the side slopes. It just didn’t look that big to me, wow!

This guy greeted us as we came into the courtyard entrance. We were up pretty high, the above picture is a picture of a viewing window that looks out over the desert to the mountains. Don’t you think it looks like a framed picture?

10/12~ to be continued, there’s so much to see here!

4 thoughts on “Winslow, Az

  1. We wish we had gone to Winslow, AZ, on our trip to the Grand Canyon in 2004. But we did go to Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell NM, the Petrified Forest and the Meteor Crater to name a few stops. I’m so glad you guys are having a great time. And…as usual, Max and I are enjoying your many photos.

    Sally Ellison In God We Trust

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  2. Yes, it does look like a framed picture. The greeter needs to be on the windowsill. Love your adventures, as usual. Our brains keep the Unusual events because they are so special and different. Glad all is going well for you as you’re tripping along. Lalie

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