10/21~Aux Arc COE, Ozark, Arkansas

You never know what you’re going to see going down the road at 60-70 miles per hours.

Yes, the water tower was collasping on crumbling legs. In contrast I found the very solid and strong looking cross comforting.

We arrived around 2pm, check in wasn’t until 4pm and check out was at 3pm. We’d decided to just drive in and see if we could park at the boat ramp until it was time to go to our site.

The office was closed, we stood around looking like we didn’t know what to do, hoping someone, preferably a camphost would come talk to us. No one came. We drove to our site. No one was there.

We decided to unhook the car and Paul backed the MH with the dolly attached right into the site. Good Job Paul! We had an extra 2 hours at our campsite which we thoroughly enjoyed, we even had a campfire and enjoyed the evening!

Now, we HAVE to make reservations online, (instead of just driving in and getting a spot) there are lots of different websites depending on whether its a COE, State Park, National Park, Private Park, KOA and you have to set up accounts online for each one. This site was reserved on recreation.gov. We are lucky if we can see one picture of the site to help us choose it and so we know what we get to look at while there. This site is a keeper! On the Ozark Lake, although it looks like a river, it’s a really nice water view.

Oddly the sites on the water side shared a central driveway with a site forking off on either side. When we pulled in we didn’t have anyone sharing our driveway and the other sites were far away. So it made for a nice peaceful evening…

Until the beggers came.

The first one was very thin and golden colored. The next one was also thin and long, black with some brown markings. Off at a distance was a white and black one. They were very cautious and polite. Once I said, “kitty, kitty, kitty” the gold one advanced, then layed down about 10 feet from us. We sat by the campfire enjoying the heat as the golden kitty closed its’ eyes, it was enjoying the heat of the fire as well.

We have a tree right next to where we’re sitting, the black and brown one eventually layed down with its’ back against the tree. A safer, warmer spot for it, I’m sure.

The white and black one never came close.

It was getting dark, I didn’t have my phone with me, so no pictures. We enjoyed their company and although we knew we shouldn’t tried to share some bits of our sandwiches with them. The gold one was much quicker, the black and brown one got a nibble.

Then we noticed they were gone.

And so the next morning were we. Goodbye Aux Arc COE.

Such a strange name I’m adding what the website had to say about the name:

“Aux Arc” is the name that orginated with French explorers when they mapped the territory. The term means “the big bend”, decribing the bend in the Arkansas River. Over time, the name was simplified to “Ozark”, thus the name for the Ozark Lake. Aux Arc Campground sits on the shores of Ozark Lake in the picturesque Arkansas River Valley.

10/22~We traveled about 245 miles and pulled into another Cracker Barrel in W. Memphis, Arkansas for the night. It’s so nice, when we park at Cracker Barrel, we know there will always be a spot large enough for our 26ft motorhome and our dolly and car which adds another 12ft. We parked and by the time we went inside for an early dinner it was 4:30.

The reason we try to travel less than 300 miles a day is because you just never know what will happen. It seems that everywhere we go, roads are torn up and being worked on. This of course causes delays, lengthening our travel day.

Then there’s the stop for gas which some days doesn’t happen at all. We are really enjoying our 55 gallon gas tank which gives us a range of 550 miles or more! But still we try to stop in the middle just to stretch our legs.

10/23~ We cheated and went into CB for breakfast. We ususally do a dinner or breakfast per stop, not both. 🙂

On the road by 9am about 220 miles and we will stop at another CB in Pearl, Mississippi for the night. Not all CB’s will let you stay overnight, that’s another thing I like about the app I use for planning, it tells you if you can stay or not.

We’ve seen several crosses on the road, this one has the crown of thorns. We were amazed at how large not only the cross but the crown must be.

10/24~ As we are leaving the Pearl, Mississippi Cracker Barrel I’m reflecting on the fact that this was the least amount of money we’ve spent camping to date. For a whole week, well 5 days, we have spend $9 for overnight camping. It would have been $18 which is still a great price for Aux Arc COE but our America the Beautiful senior pass gets us half price. (we won’t mention what we spent at CB) lol

Around 900 miles, we know the cost to “travel fast” for us is weary bones, but the pay off bought us a week on the island.

10/24~ Dauphin Island here we come!

We found this little gem of an island last year. We were going to take the travel trailer along the gulf coast stopping at all the beach campgrounds we could find. So many were closed because of covid, and what was open was booked or more than we wanted to pay.

A friend mentioned Dauphin Island, we’d never heard of it so I checked it out. We managed to get a week in August, boy was it hot! But we fell in love with this quiet little place, it’s 13 miles long.

Then we decided to come back for the month of December on our way out to Yuma, Az.

Dauphin Island holds some special memories for us, we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary there. We also made some new friends, one, you know who you are, I’m sure will be lifelong.

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