Dauphin Island, Alabama


On not a lot of sleep (should I add we are CB’d out for awhile) we are on our way and so excited! The view coming to and up over the bridge to the island gives me so much joy!

We commented as we saw the island unfold before us that it felt like “going home”

I loose track of time…I don’t know what day it is…

I’m up to enjoy the sunrise, how can anyone sleep when this is happening!

Pelican’s Nest is a very tiny campground, 12 spaces, almost directly in the middle of the island and across the road from the beach.

We are so happy to have the spot right next to the pool. Our patio faces the pool so no one is in front of us and we feel like we’ve won the jackpot!

As far as things to do on this 13 mile island, the biggest thing, and it costs nothing

…is to relax.

However, we did get up from laying by the pool and explore a bit. ;p

We went in search of new friends. We rode our bikes to the Bird Sanctuary and walked around, I actually found the trail on AllTrails.

We didn’t see many birds, even though they’re supposed to be migrating right now, but this guy has been around for awhile…

The path winds through the sanctuary and out onto the beach, almost to say “tada!” it was just beautiful.

It was a great walk and perfect weather, I think it was about 75 degrees… perfect.

I was going to say “I’m a collector of sunrises” but honestly, I love sunsets just as much.

What’s not to love…God’s the Master Painter!

2 thoughts on “Dauphin Island, Alabama

  1. Enjoy the Gulf! We can’t wait to get there for the winter. I’ll be happy to sit still for three months, and we love the nearby State Park for walking and biking. Love your pics, especially the surf rolling in at sunset (or is that sunrise?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was sunset, caught it just right. What’s the state park over there that you like so much and how long will you be there? We decided after last winter to try central Florida to try to get warm! lol


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