DI continued


It’s been so perfectly warm everyday. We’ve ridden our bikes everyday.

It’s such a fun thing to realize that there isn’t anywhere on the island we can’t go on our bikes, we don’t even have to “take” them to the place we will ride, we are at the place!

On previous trips we’ve seen this tiny inlet and the pelican has always been there. We’re not sure if it’s the same one or not but we thought it probably had a nest.

This time there was an addition. We always thought the water was deep but this boy was standing as if on top of the water.

Over and over he threw a small white net. As soon as the net hit the water he pulled it up again to swing it around his head and throw it again and again.

The pelican never tired of his watching but we did… we had places to go…and a sunset to find.

As we waited, the sky put on a magical show. We were not disappointed.

Sunset was at low tide, around 6:10 or so. We weren’t sure if this standing water was because of the tide being so low or if due to the last hurricane the sand had formed a ridge and rain kept this area wet but it added such a cool effect to the sunset, as the sky was reflected in the water.

The suns’ color changed from golden to orange and red. The sky was perfectly reflected in the pond. As we watched it continued to change.

I noticed someone down the beach looking up behind us and not at the sunset at all… I turned and was blown away!

The clouds behind us were putting on their own show! They looked like swirling cotton candy, it was absolutely breathtaking!

We turned back to the sunset and it had changed yet again.

Yup a collector of sunsets…

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