DI never disappoints


The past two times we’ve been to DI we have been engrossed with exploring the island on our bikes.

Today we went to the Estuarium.

The Estuarium is on the East end of the island, just before the Ferry launch and Fort Gaines.

We walked down this boardwalk on its’ winding path. It was enjoyable just to take this walk and see the views unfold.

Then we went into the aquarium, it was so nicely done.

I took this picture over the top of the aquarium these turtles were in, it turned out very stylized even though I did nothing to the picture.

With my phone positioned over the aquarium we think the turtles thought it was time to eat and they were literally climbing all over each other to get to what they thought I was offering!

A baby alligator and a painted turtle, both just “chillin”.

I thought the turtle was really funny how it had its legs stretched out on the rock under the warming light. It’s shell was particularly beautiful with its redish pink edges.

There was a tank on a patio outside that held these guys. Wow, this was fun! There was a sign that said we could touch them “gently with two fingers”. We watched as they swam right to us and around the tank and back again over and over.

All you had to do was put your hand in the water and the manarays swam right into and under it, giving us plenty of opportunity to touch their velvety soft skin. So amazing!

Another thing I thought was just incredible, were the seahorses. Look at all the babies!

The babies were inside a separate area, I guess to keep them safe, but it looked like the mommy was standing by with her tail wrapped around so she could keep an eye on her offspring. (Ok, I don’t know that for sure, but it’s the story I wanted to believe) lol

At any rate the babies were so tiny, about a quarter of an inch. I think there were hundreds of them in the tank, I got lucky with a few right by the adult for the picture.

Here’s a couple more guys we thought were interesting. Who knew there were underwater spiders?

Then there was this crabby guy with his glowing shell and claws.

As we were getting ready to leave, I turned and saw this large unique fish and just had to get a picture of him, he looked like he was swimming right at me!

2 thoughts on “DI never disappoints

  1. Enjoying your commentary with my breakfast this morning. We love this “cold front” here in Florida as the days are dipping into the 70°.It has been in the 80s and 90s for the last several weeks.

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    1. I’m enjoying this blog and I’m enjoying that you are enjoying it! lol We are in Georgia for a month visiting our sons family. The blog may suffer greatly, I tend not to blog about family. So, you might not see a lot here but I’ll be back in Dec when we leave for Florida for six months. We’ve never been anywhere for six months in our new home so that should be interesting. I’m glad you’ve gotten a bit of a break from the heat but save some for us because we will really need some this winter!


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