Our last few days on DI



The first time we were on the island, August 2020, this pier went all the way out. When we came back the second time we saw the damage here and in other areas that the last hurriacane, Ida, had caused. It was sad to see. 10 months later only a few planks had been added but that work looked like it was at a standstill.

The lighthouse was on an island but time has erased the island to nothing more than the rock it stands on.

I guess I love the island for it’s simplicity.

The locals want to keep it that way. They run their small businesses in a love/hate relationship with the tourists. Of course they need us desperately for their livelihoods but I’m sure deep down, they wish we would leave.

I don’t know the next time we will be through this way but I pray that the locals will continue to win and keep out the box stores and changes that will make this island unremarkable.

Because DI is truly a remarkable place…

One thought on “Our last few days on DI

  1. 😎🌴😔😢🌊🐚⛅️🚲🏖. I cannot believe that I had no motorhome or even a travel trailer choice. But I kind of felt all the symbols reading your last comment. Love you guys,Lalie

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