Georgia on my mind…

November 2021

We choose this month to spend with our sons’s family in Georgia because it’s as cold as we can stand it and close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We miss the December times with them but it’s JUST TOO COLD.

But, but…this is Georgia, come on! It’s 28 degrees for crying out loud!

Ever searching for warmth in the winter, we are headed to Florida, this year. We’ve been told just like we were told that Yuma, Az was the sunniest place on earth and warm that Florida would be perfect for the winter and warm.

We shall see.

Currently here in Georgia it’s 48 degrees and raining… sigh

Several days have passed now and it’s dipping into the mid 30’s at night. Not a problem really for someone in a “sticks and bricks” home, but a home on wheels is a totally different story.

While we were in New Mexico and Texas last year, when the polar vortex hit, our fresh water tank froze. Thankfully we had bottled water for drinking, the tank eventually warmed up and did not crack, that was in our travel trailer, our first home on wheels.

We now have tank heaters and our fresh water tank is inside the MH, so no more worries about that.

However, we have to get water to the MH, this presents its own set of challenges. This CG has put their water for each campsite down inside a box that’s semi buried in the ground, maybe because the ground is supposed to be a constant 55 degrees. We hook our hose up to this facet.

From the facet to our MH is the problem, because the water is then on all the time to our MH. So, we bought a “heated” hose that is supposed to heat up by itself when it is 55 degrees or below and turn off by itself when it is 65 degrees or above.

Great, problem solved… well, not yet.

We have a “water softner” which is just another word for a large cilander that filters out rust and other contaminants from our water before it comes inside, which is a really good thing to have since we hook up to water all over the country.

So, the hose goes into this filter from the facet and out the other side via another hose into our coach. We are not sure if the filter and hose would freeze.

Choice one, onhook them and attach the new heated hose directly to the MH without filtration. Choice two, leave them and “hope” they don’t freeze. Choice three, never come to Georgia at this time of year again.

I vote for Choice 3, right after we do Choice 1. My guess is we will end up doing choice 3 and 2, sigh…

Actually we bought a new “finer filtration” small filter that connects between the facet and the heated hose. We are filtered and not frozen. Win, win!

Then this happened. I had read an article while Paul was driving that talked about the possibility of a propane shortage, we of course “pooh poohed” this.

We use propane for heat and hot water, some people use it for cooking. We all know how I feel about cooking… nuff said. 😉

We have electricity hookups so we have heat when we need it via an electric heater. We just need propane for hot water, for showers mostly.

Our on board tank is down to 1/4 full now. It holds 40lbs. We have a 20lb tank for our campfire and flatstone, which seems to last a really long time. Unfortunatly there isn’t a way to attach the 20lb tank to the MH so we could use it.

This campground is out of propane.

We will have to unhook everything, pull in the slide, pull up the stabilizers, stow everything for moving mode and drive out of the campground in search of a Tractor Supply store, they have propane.

It is not lost on me that we have chosen a slightly more complicated lifestyle, it’s not exactly all campfires and s’mores.

Would I change it? Not sure but as I sit here thinking about all of this, I realize how grateful I am.

In life there are trials and tribulations. These are mere hiccups in the breath of life. Inhale, exhale…

While in Georgia our son’s family has lots of fun things planned for us to do with them. Here are just a few pictures of some of the those fun times…

Today we went to the zoo! The Atlanta Zoo with our sons’s family. What a fun day that was, and we walked about 3 miles!

This campground, Twin Lakes, is really quite lovely.

The changing colors of the leaves reflected on the water are stunning.

There is a path that goes all the way around both lakes with a strip of land inbetween, which you can walk out on. Think of a big figure eight and that’s sort of what the trail is like.

We had a sleepover with the grands and took this little hike with them. It ended up being 2 miles, we had a great time exploring.

I remembered that I had an app on my phone which will identify a plant if you take a picture of it. The kids had fun taking pictures of all the different tree leaves as we went along.

This was grandpa checking out the loft bed before the sleepover.

It is certainly not lost on us that this MH is NOT big enough. It’s doable for two people, if you can get outside but four people, even small people… well, short term is best. 😉

Our Grandson took this picture of us at a playground we took them to, so nice to be out in the sunshine.

We went to a ice cream shop in Atlanta called The Yard, and these are some of the creations they make. We shared this huge brownie creation and then got to keep the glass! Yum!

We went to the Atlanta Aquarium. Pictures don’t do justice to the size of these beautiful creatures effortlessly swimming by us.

Sometimes you just have to embrace the silly or quirky…

During our stay we also went to an art museum called The High. It was named after Harriet Harwell Wilson High, she donated her family’s Peachtree Street residence to be used as the museum.

It was 4 stories of amazing art.

Each level could be viewed by going up or down these series of ramps which poured you out onto each floor. It was really quite something.

Our son’s family are members, there are lots of activities for kids and families to enjoy and share the love of art.

Of course I was thrilled to see not one but two Monets!

We also went to a drive thru a Christmas light display, with Christmas music blaring and all of us dancing in our seats we had a lot of fun.

We had a wonderful visit… sadly we are leaving but gladly moving onto warmer weather.

Florida here we come!

2 thoughts on “Georgia on my mind…

  1. So good to see/read you guys again. Paul and I were talking about you this morning and I mentioned that it has been a while since you’ve posted. Totally enjoyed it. Our part of Florida is 10° above normal we’re going to be 82° today.


    1. Here in Frostproof its been in the mid 80’s everyday, it’s wonderful! We are here for at 6 months so I’ve been trying to decide if I should keep up with the blog. It would be mostly about our resort and just hanging out, would that be something to share? What do you think?


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