Wow! It is so hard to believe we have been here 2 months already!

We love it and never want to leave! No, seriously, we won’t be leaving.

We are in Frostproof, Florida, almost right in the middle of the state. We met a man at the Elkhart campground who told us where he goes for the winter. He said “it’s the best place around, you won’t want to leave”. We came in June and checked it out, we returned on November 30th, 2021 with the intent to stay 6 months, now we are thinking we could stay and make this our new full time home. We are considering buying a place here. We are also considering selling our motorhome.

We have come to learn that most “seasonal” people come from Oct-March, leaving in April when they say it gets too warm. I can’t fathom it being too warm in April but then again I wouldn’t believe it could be 28 degrees in Florida.

That’s where we are today, freeze warning in Frostproof, Florida, what’s wrong with that sentence. lol It’s just a dip in the weather pattern and will be back into the 70-80’s by next weekend, ahh Florida. It maybe cold but we will have full sun for the next 3 days, I’ll wait until the temperature hits 50 later this afternoon to go for my walk.

I didn’t realize that you couldn’t really see where Frost proof was on this map or that I hadn’t taken a picture of the entrance to the park, which is quite nice.

I think if there is interest I will go back over the last two months briefly to document the things we’ve done. Let me know in the comments if you’re interested.

Nice to be back…

One thought on “Florida!

  1. Well, you just Wow me with the statement that you may sell your motorhome And buy into a permanent year around. On the coast here it gets 100° for a lot of the summer. That’s why snowbirds don’t like to stay here during the summer. We full time ed in our Bounder for 4 years before we bought our permanent Winter unit here in Palmetto. We ended up in Palmetto because of Burt and Linda being here. I would suggest you not buy until you’ve spent a summer here. But that’s just me.


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