December 2022~Southern Pines RV Resort

After a month in Georgia, we are here and we like “here” quite a lot.

There are 358 sites in this park “Resort”. Many are filled with stationary homes. They are designated by areas. The M area are Manufactured homes (double wides) the P areas are Park Models and the R areas are for Recreational vehicles. At least these are my thoughts about the areas on the map marked M, P and R.

The temperatures when we arrived were in the 80’s in December! Wow! Now that was wonderful!

Can you imagine walking outside, without a coat, without earmuffs, without SNOW?!


I feel so blessed to have found this little piece of paradise …

Occasionally there’s an incredible sunset and I actually catch a picture of it. Of course this is at 5:30pm and then it’s dark. I can’t wait until it’s light into the evening a bit longer…

The guy on the telephone line is a Great Horned Owl, he flew from another pole across the orchard. We didn’t really realize what we were seeing until he landed, his wing span was huge!

I was so excited after traveling around the country for 7 months to have more of a social connection. Crystal, the social director, works very hard to plan all kinds of activities for us to do. I enjoyed water exercise when the temps were above 67 by 11 am. Nancy, a fine artist, holds painting classes every week. I went to a class in December, it was a fun snowman laying on the beach in sunglasses. I can’t show you because I gave it away before taking a picture.

At first looking at the monthly calendar gave me an anxiety attack because I just wanted to do everything at once! lol Guess I didn’t take a picture of the December calendar. This is what I had to look forward to in January! I try to remember to take a picture of each months calendar so I can look at the picture and know what’s going on if I don’t have the hard copy of the calendar which, of course, lives on the refrigerator.

We celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary at the Jacaranda Hotel, which is listed on the National Historic Register. Built in the 1920’s she is considered Avon Park’s “Gracious Lady”.

There are pictures of Babe Ruth and Clark Gable on the walls down one of several hallways. It really is a beautiful old hotel, made even more beautiful by all the Christmas decorations.

I noticed these paintings on the wall behind the raindeer and went in for a closer look.

Wow, you never know what you’ll see if you take the time to look. These paintings were stunning!

It was really nice to finish out our first month in Southern Pines with the lining of the streets with luminaries.

We were given enough luminaries (milk jugs with sand and candles) to light the front of our lot. All through the park, everyone had put out luminaries and then everyone walks or rides their golf carts around to look at them.

They take Christmas serious here, we went to a Christmas dinner and a Christmas party and I had fun being a Secret Santa.

Good night December…

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