we had a little sunset today…

Sunsets, these aren’t the most beautiful I’ve ever seen but they are the first one’s I’ve ever seen in December. Walking the beach in December, that’s just not something I do everyday. True, the temps haven’t cleared the high 50’s, low 60’s but if the sun is shining and the wind isn’t blowing … it’s awesome in December. (Unfortunantly that’s a rare day this December on Dauphin Island.) When you are from northern Indiana and you see that the temps will be mid to high 50’s you think that’s really going to be great, especially if it’s in the teens and snowing in Indiana. But I’m going on the record to say, “cold is cold” no matter where you are. I thought I had a temperature the other day because when you have chills that’s the first thing you think of, my temp was 95 degrees! What?! Hyperthermia, right?!

Arizona 2021

YUMA 1/1/2021

It’s a new year and we are in a new place, physically sure but also mentally. It’s just not easy to feel relaxed and slow down. Paul always feels like we have to “get to where we are going” we can’t seem to stop and see things along the way. It feels like such a luxury to sit and read a book for a few hours, there are so many other things I should be doing…but should I? What are these things? We must slow down.

Something I’ve realized about myself is that I am somewhat governed by daylight. As we’ve traveled across the country (literally from one side to the other almost, Virgina to Arizona and we may go into California) I’ve realized whenever the sun comes up, I’m up and whenever the sun goes down, I’m ready for bed. (not good when the sun sets at 5pm) Depending on where we’ve been there have been different hours of sunlight, hence, my days have been quite short. Less time to do things, I am looking forward to the late evenings of summer.

Last night we enjoyed our first campfire in Yuma, we are at the Southern Mesa campground which has no street lights so it was dark when we turned off our propane firepit. We sat and looked at the stars, it was glorious to see them in the darkening sky.

At 2am I woke up and realized it was time to go outside for the Quadrantid meteor shower, should see at least one a minute, I’m never awake for these. We stood outside in our pajamas and looked up at the sky, there were so many stars, I’ve never seen so many stars. And yes, we saw meteors, again something we had never seen, and we saw them in the northern sky of Arizona.


We are staying for at least the month of Jan and possibly Feb in Yuma, at the Southern Mesa CG. It’s interesting how the few campgrounds we’ve checked out here are set up. It looks like they are just plunked down out in the desert, fencing of either trees, hay, or actual fencing encloses the square of the campground, sorta out in the middle of no where. Fields, acres and acres all around. I’m sure the closer you get to town that there will be more and nicer and of course more expensive campgrounds.

Several things have happened with Covid, the Canadians who come down for the winter, are not here, so some campgrounds are hurting for business, this campground is about half full. It is quiet and there is space, just the way we like it. We walked around yesterday, scoped the place out. Found the laundry, pool, clubhouse. They have a pickle ball court and we talked to a man named Terry who was helping with the pool, he plays pickle ball, no one else here does. We may learn to play pickle ball.

He and his wife, Janet, are camp hosts but for about 5 months they stay here and have for the last 6 years. He said of all the places they have hosted they like Dinosaur Valley State Park, in Glen Rose, TX. where they’ve hosted for the last 10 years. We also met a lady named Terri, she has two dogs and a smart car. We were particularly happy to meet her because we’ve been talking about getting something really small to tow behind a driveable rv if we get one, a smart car seems like an option.


The time change has me really goofed up, the sun rises at about 7:45 here, I rise much earlier, usually. I thought I’d sleep in here because the sun rises so late but its 6 am and here I am. So that totally blows my “I’m awake when the skies awake theory”. But sitting here in the dark I can see the sky starting to lighten, I’m very excited because I might have missed this whole sunrise thing, it might be “before” the sun rises that the sky is at it’s most beautiful. At any rate I’m here, we shall see.

This is a picture of our campsite, our chairs around our firepit. We are standing inside this little archway of bushes, they go all around our campground, on the other side is just wide open fields. And beyond that is Mexico.

Look at this picture of Paul standing by the park entrance, look at the palm trees and cactus, it’s huge! This is the pool that we will no doubt sit around and maybe get into, it’s heated but still… that requires a bathing suit. OK, I’ll come clean, I took a picture of a photo of the Saguaro cactus and desert flowers. But I would love to be here when the desert is in bloom, but i probably couldn’t handle the 100 degree plus temps.

Art is Everywhere

December 2020, Dauphin Island Beach walks

There have been many walks on the beach and of course explainations for the way the sand has looked but I prefer to see them as art. They make my heart sing, they make me feel like I’ve just recieved a special message and they make me feel ever closer to God, the ultimate artist. In fact just yesterday I read something about an artist, she had actually put into words how I feel. Art is prayer.

Art is not duplicating what you see, but seeing what you create. It might turn out to be a duplication in one form or another but this time of creation feels like such a closeness to God, it is prayer in its self.